Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Brooklyn-Nine-Nine

Still looking for a Halloween 'stume aka costume? Look no farther than your favorite TV show!

Coming down the aisle is our handsome Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg). This inspired-by outfit was put together by kerogenki; see the individual pieces here.

Next up is the star of Floorgasm - it's Civilian Administrator Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti)! This inspired-by outfit was also created by kerogenki - see more details here.

Holding out for the real thing? Are you holding out for HORSES? Then check out Gina's exact match fashions at WornOnTV.

Want to add a little scare to your costume? Then be the scariest detective around - Detective Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz). Here's my favorite, and you can see more here.

Still haven't found your perfect costume? Then how about our resident perfectionist Detective Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)? Find clothing details here.

I've got to warn you though. @SWAGGY1361 already did a great job with her Santiago costume.

Or go the extra mile and dress up as Santiago's costume. Nice one @DJtakespictures!

How about a costume that also has a bit of mystery? The mystery of who you are...

Is Detective Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) dressed up as:

A) Dumpy Chuck Norris
B) Dumpy Ron Weasley [from Harry Potter!]
C) Miranda from Sex and the City
D) Mario Batali from Iron Chef America and The Chew
E) Homeless troll doll

Find the answer here.

And just a little bit more inspiration from the whole cast...

Salt & Pepper shakers

If you dress up as one of the characters, please leave us a pic of your 'stume in the comments or tweet it to @Brooklyn99er. Happy Halloween, BK99ers!

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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