Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Peralta vs. Santiago - Who Will Win?

Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) vs. Det. Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)

The Contenders:

In one corner we've got Detective Jake Peralta. He's the self-proclaimed "best detective" and says he has "more felony arrests than any other detective." Can he keep up this arresting pace with Captain Ray Holt dogging his every step? And will there be another slump, uhhh, pmuls?

In the other corner we've got Detective Amy Santiago. She's got seven brothers, so you know that she's not going down without a fight! Not only is she going to work hard for her arrests, she's going to remind Peralta when he falters in the game - "I did start a new category. Murderers we let go. And look at that! You're winning!"

The Prize:

If Santiago wins, she gets Peralta's sweet, old mustang - car not a horse.

If Peralta wins, Santiago goes on a date with him, and according to Gina (Chelsea Peretti), "He guarantees it will end in sex."

The Score:

Round 1 (Pilot)            
   Peralta 24   |   Santiago 22 (25 to 22 if you count Ratko)

Round 2 (The Tagger)
   Peralta 28   |   Santiago 28

Round 3 (The Slump)
   Peralta 36   |   Santiago 44 (when do we see her arrests?)

Round 4 (M.E. Time)
   Peralta 51   |   Santiago 50

Round 5 (The Vulture) [1/15/14 Update]
   Peralta 62   |   Santiago 62

Round 6 (Halloween) [1/15/14 Update]
   Peralta 68   |   Santiago 67

Round 7 (48 Hours) [1/15/14 Update]
   Peralta 68   |   Santiago 67

The Vote:

[1/15/14 Update: Voting is now closed. With 149 votes, 71% of you believe that Peralta will win the bet. Did he? Find out in "The Bet."] It's literally the Battle of the Sexes, Brooklyn99ers! Who will win? Make sure you vote NOW! (The poll is located in the upper left corner of the blog.) I can't promise that we'll sway the show's writers, but how could they ignore our votes AND a tray of cupcakes?

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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