Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sneak Peeks of 48 Hours: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1E7

Det. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio, L) judges a pie contest between Det. Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz, FL) and Gina (Chelsea Peretti, R) in "48 Hours." Also pictured Sgt. Jeffords (Terry Crews, FR). Cr: Eddy Chen/FOX

One week without a new Brooklyn Nine-Nine was way too long. So let's dive right into the sneak peeks for "48 Hours" airing Tuesday, Nov. 5 with guest star Kid Cudi!

Sorry, Kid. It looks like Charles is the only one who can give Jake (Andy Samberg) new nicknames (well, just not Jake-in-the-Box).

You heard the captain! Tuesday night "we're here until this is over." But we can still have some FUN-ny faces...

What else is there to say? I'm happy we've got a new episode, thrilled we'll have a full season, and delighted to share this with all of you. Keep sharing the laughs, Brooklyn99ers! [2/27/14 Update: When you're ready, check out "48 Hours" Recap with the best quotes, photos and gifs from the episode.]

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

Episode Breakdown:

Original Air Date: Nov. 5, 2013 8:30/7:30C on FOX

Summary: When Jake makes an arrest without a lot of proof, he only has 48 hours to collect evidence or else the perp will be released. After his unsuccessful interrogation of the suspect, Jake forces his co-workers to spend their weekend helping him crack the case. While the team is stuck at the precinct, Charles judges a pie contest between Gina and Rosa, and Capt. Holt helps Terry look better in the eyes of his in-laws.

Guest Cast: Kid Cudi (newest album Indicud; Domingo in How to Make It in America) as Dustin Whitman

Cast: Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta; Andre Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt; Terry Crews as Sgt. Terry Jeffords; Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago; Joe Lo Truglio as Det. Charles Boyle; Stephanie Beatriz as Det. Rosa Diaz; Chelsea Peretti as Administrator Gina Linetti

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