Monday, November 18, 2013

Sneak Peeks of Sal's Pizza: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1E9

Det. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg, R) and Fire Marshall Boone (guest star Patton Oswalt, L) in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's "Sal's Pizza." Cr: Eddy Chen/FOX

To know me is to know that I worship (in no particular order) TV, dogs and PIZZA! So how can you not love an episode that has pizza in the title? Just as many of us needed pie for the "48 Hours" episode featuring a best pie contest, I bet you'll need a pizza while you watch "Sal's Pizza." So place your order now and let's dive into these promo clips!

Question: Can you love Det. Boyle even more?

Answer: Yes! He writes a weekly pizza ranking email...

It's New York's Bravest vs. New York's Finest, and we get this LOL gem, "You're a fireman. You should know how to treat that burn."

Things continue to escalate though...

I love how Charles immediately jumps into the fight against two firefighters, and somehow he bests them to come out and help Jake. He just might be tougher than he looks. And speaking of tough guys...

You know that idiom "like taking candy from a baby"? Daddy Terry Jeffords says you better take that candy away!

I can't wait to dive into Brooklyn Nine-Nine's "Sal's Pizza" (with a side of pizza, right?). And much like a large pizza, this episode is best shared, so make sure everyone watches it with these links:

[3/11/14 Update: See more of the action, with the "Sal's Pizza" promo pics. And when you are ready, check out the "Sal's Pizza" Recap with the best quotes, photos and gifs.]

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

Episode Breakdown:

Original Air Date: Nov. 19, 2013 8:30/7:30C on FOX

Summary: When Sal's Pizza burns down and the fire marshal (guest star Patton Oswalt) quickly assumes that the owner is the prime suspect in the investigation, Jake does everything in his power to prove him wrong, even if it means stepping out of his jurisdiction. Meanwhile back at the precinct, chaos ensues when a computer virus publishes everyone's browser history in the all-new "Sal's Pizza."

GUEST CAST: Patton Oswalt (Constable Sweeney on Justified; Neil on United States of Tara) as Fire Marshal Boone; Joey "Coco" Diaz (Jhoey on My Name is Earl) as Sal; Andrew Friedman (Charlie's Uncle Jack on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as Lawyer; Tim Trobec as Kevin; Wayne Temple as Scott; Christian Ford as Lance Legweak; Allen Evangelista (Henry Miller on The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Savant aka Corey Park; Bruno Amato as Mario; Vince Cefalu as Antonio; Patrick Robert Smith as Gino; Andy Forrest (Kyle on Parks and Recreation) as Sergeant Elmore Crawley; Timothy Horner as Simon; Landall Goolsby as Thomas; Mary Stein as Melanie; Miles Platt as Young Jake.

CAST: Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta; Andre Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt; Terry Crews as Sgt. Terry Jeffords; Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago; Joe Lo Truglio as Det. Charles Boyle; Stephanie Beatriz as Det. Rosa Diaz; Chelsea Peretti as Administrator Gina Linetti; Dirk Blocker as Det. Hitchcock; Joel McKinnon Miller as Det. Scully

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