Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas, BK99er Homies!

In "The Slump," Capt. Holt confessed he was "messin' wit'" Jake while he helped him get over his slump. This led Jake to declare, "We're becoming homies. Office Christmas card candidate, right here. Me and Holt are homies!" I think from episode one, we all wanted to be homies with this amazing cast!

Have yourself a Merry Christmas, BK99ers! And the best gift of all, we still have 11 new episodes to ring in the new year!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Captain Holt's Husband Has Been Cast on Brooklyn99!

Marc Evan Jackson (photo courtesy of IMDB)

Wow! With their recent Golden Globe nominations and the casting for their Super Bowl episode, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been all over the news in the last two weeks. And now TVLine has reported that Marc Evan Jackson has been cast as the husband of Capt. Holt (Andre Braugher)!

Although many fans were hoping Kyle Secor would be cast so he could reunite with Braugher from Homicide, this decision shouldn't be too surprising. Jackson has recently been seen in Parks and Recreation as the lawyer negotiating with Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari) for Rent-a-Swag. Parks and Rec shares writers/producers Mike Schur and Dan Goor, the creators of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

We will meet Jackson's character in early 2014, and it has been reported that his name will be Kevin Cozner. Let the Kevin Costner wordplay humor begin!

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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Source: TVLine

Pilot - Inside-the-Precinct Pics - Brooklyn99 S1E1

Only eleven episodes in and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is shaping up to be an iconic series that will hopefully grace our TV schedules for years to come! And because we just can't get enough, here are some Inside-the-Precinct (aka behind-the-scenes) photos from the "Pilot" episode.

Det. Charles Boyle's dive into the gelato wasn't originally part of the script, but Joe Lo Truglio really throws himself into his work.

ICYMI, check out the "Pilot" promo videos and the "Pilot" Recap with the episode's best quotes, screen cap pictures and gifs.

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Fred Armisen Returns for Brooklyn99's Super Bowl Ep.

Fred Armisen (L) and Joe Theismann (R, photo via Wikipedia)

A week ago it was announced that Adam Sandler will be starring in Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Super Bowl episode, and now EW.com has reported the exciting return of a former guest star! Fred Armisen will reprise his role as the kooky Mlepnos ("the Klé is silent") from the pilot episode.

In addition, football great Joe Theismann will appear in the Super Bowl episode, and he will reportedly have a "physical encounter" with Andy Samberg's character Det. Jake Peralta. Theismann played 12 seasons for the Washington Redskins and was their quarterback when they won Super Bowl XVII.

Thus far Brooklyn Nine-Nine is having an excellent freshman season. In October they were picked up for a full 22 episodes, and they are still celebrating last week's Golden Globe nominations. The special Super Bowl episode will air Feb. 2 following New Girl.

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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P.P.S. Here is Armisen's cameo from the pilot and don't miss my full Pilot Recap with the best quotes, pics and gifs from the episode.

Source: EW.com

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Adam Sandler to Star in Brooklyn99's Super Bowl Episode

Photo courtesy of @AdamSandler

Not to outshine Brooklyn Nine-Nine's two Golden Globe Awards nominations from this morning, but the show has some additional great news. According to E! News, Adam Sandler will be reuniting with his longtime pal and That's My Boy (2012) costar Andy Samberg as they start filming the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Super Bowl episode this week. Sandler has also shared the screen and a football field with Terry Crews in The Longest Yard (2005).

Adam Sandler, Terry Crews, Lobo Sebastian, Bob Sapp and Dalip Singh in The Longest Yard (2005). Photo courtesy of IMDB

In this morning's E! News interview, Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Mike Schur stated Brooklyn99's upcoming Super Bowl episode will have a major storyline for Terry Crews and Andre Braugher. The special episode will be a "big, bright, funny, juicy comedy story" and the cast and crew is "hoping a lot of people check out the show for the first time because the entire universe watches the Super Bowl."

All I can say is that regardless of which team wins the Super Bowl, on Sunday, Feb. 2 Brooklyn Nine-Nine will definitely score a win.

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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Source: E! News

Two Golden Globe Nominations for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Congratulations to Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Andy Samberg for their 2014 Golden Globe Award nominations!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, created by Dan Goor (Parks and Recreation) and Mike Schur (The Office; Parks and Recreation), has been nominated with its sister show Parks and Recreation. The other nominees for best TV comedy include The Big Bang Theory, Girls, and Modern Family.

Meanwhile, Andy Samberg will be facing Jason Bateman (Arrested Development); Don Cheadle (House of Lies); Michael J. Fox (The Michael J. Fox Show); and Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory).

The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards will air Sunday, Jan. 12, and we are guaranteed for a treat as it will once again be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. To see the full list of nominees, visit goldenglobes.com.

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rapid Fire Q&A with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl

This week we have a hole in our TV schedule; Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Tuesday night lineup was bumped by the American Country Awards. You might feel a little lost and in need of laughs, so I’ve compiled the FOX Lounge Q&As that paired up cast members from Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the cast of New Girl. You might think that Fox already knew these shows would be pairing up for the post-Super Bowl spot and for the mid-season schedule next year. Anyway, on to the fun!

First up is Joe Lo Truglio (Det. Charles Boyle, Brooklyn99) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt, New Girl & Leo D'Amato in the Veronica Mars Movie – see the P.P.S. for more details). What was Joe’s childhood dream job? And FYI, he's not Joe Lo; it is first name Joe and last name Lo Truglio.

Max gives Joe a pep talk for first season jitters and then they flip the Q&A format on its head and spin like a milkshake.

Lamorne Morris (Winston, New Girl) brings a little TMI to the manscaping vs. au naturel question while Melissa Fumero (Det. Amy Santiago, Brooklyn99) looks for a few loop holes in her Q&A (and she loves puppies!).

Lamorne talks about his first job while Melissa translates for our younger viewers.

And here is my favorite pairing – Hannah Simone (Cece, New Girl) keeps Andre Braugher (Capt. Holt, Brooklyn99) in check while she also finagles a guest star for her show. Work it, lady!

You can just see the wheels turning when Hannah asks Andre to choose between manscaping and au naturel.

Terry Crews (Sgt. Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn99) is a man’s man, but would he choose camping or a hotel during his Q&A with Jake Johnson (Nick, New Girl)?

What was Andy Samberg’s (Det. Jake Peralta, Brooklyn99) first job and where does he stand on the manscaping/au naturel debate? Here are his answers, of which Zooey Deschanel (Jess, New Girl) may or may not approve.

Do you get the impression that as kids Andy and Zooey were always questioning authority?

What was your favorite pairing and more importantly, BK99ers - where do you stand on the air guitar vs. air drums debate?

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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P.P.S. If you don't know Veronica Mars (title character played by the wonderful, adorable Kristen Bell), then you have time to catch up on all three seasons (you will fly through them) before the movie premieres on March 14, 2014. I detect (ha-ha) you will love the show, the snark, Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Wallace, Sheriff Mars, Dick, Mac, etc. There is a reason why 90,000+ people backed this movie on Kickstarter (this Marshmallow included!).

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Halloween Recap: Brooklyn Nine-Nine S1E6

Arrests Scoreboard:

Peralta: 68     |     Santiago: 67

Memorable Moments:

Santiago: Ugh. Halloween is the worst. Everyone's drunk, wearing a mask, and carrying a fake gun. Plus all the girls think they have to dress sexy.
Peralta: I know, that is the worst. Please make them stop.
Santiago: I passed a slutty tree on the way here. Who wants to have sex with a tree?
Scully: Was it a maple?
Peralta: Was it a maple?

Gif by confidentialityspice

Boyle: Buon giorno, buon giorno. Pretty cool 'stume, huh? 
Peralta: 'Stume?
Boyle: Short for costume.
Peralta: Ah. Alright, let me guess. You are dumpy Chuck Norris.
Boyle: No, I'm--
Diaz: Dumpy Ron Weasley.
Boyle: No.
Sgt. Jeffords: You guys, stop it. He put thought into his costume, and he is obviously Miranda from Sex and the City.
Boyle: Guys, I'm Mario Batali! Molto Mario? Celebrity chef? Ginger Prince of Little Italy?
Peralta: Is he also a homeless troll doll? 'Cause you look like a homeless troll doll.
Perpton: Hey, sweet Batali costume, dude.
Boyle: Thank you! There's a man with impeccable taste.
Peralta: He bit a guy's butt off at a WNBA game. Eric Stoltz from Mask.
Boyle: I'll take it.

Brooklyn99er: Not Jim Carrey's THE Mask. If you are like me and didn't get the Mask reference, check out the wikipedia notes.

Boyle nailed his Batali 'stume! From the hair to the wooden spoon and, uhhh, orange crocs?  ;D

Brooklyn99Insider 2/19/14 Update: OMG, you guys! Did you know that there are official Mario Batali Crocs? I didn't realize this was part of his look, but he has been wearing orange crocs since 1993. I know a lot of people in hospitals swear by them, but I didn't know a lot of chefs prefer them as well. Am I overly fascinated by this?

Peralta: The holding cell's completely full. I keep having to separate Hillary Clinton and Kim Jong-un. [cut scene] Stop it! Stop making out! Hey-- no! What would Bill say?

Gif by samanthapanther

Capt. Holt: We need two undercovers at the Dekalb Street warehouse party. Boyle, you're already in costume as, uh, Joy Behar?
Boyle: I'm Mario Batali.
Capt. Holt: Okay. And, uh, Santiago, you go with him.
Santiago: Yes, sir. Damn it.
Boyle: Santiago, I know that you hate Halloween, but stick with me, and I promise you, you will love it.
Santiago: Can you magically make everyone kind, sober and fully dressed?
Peralta: "Kind, Sober and Fully Dressed." Good news, everyone. We found the name of Santiago's sex tape.

Peralta: Well, ring it up, nerds. I just arrested my first Halloween idiot of the season. He was trying to rob a bank but had a little trouble with the getaway. [cut scene] Trying to "split," huh? Don't worry; I'm sure you'll get out on "a peel." I'm so glad you're stuck. I've got a million of these.

Gif by samanthapanther

Peralta: I swear, these perps are so stupid. I'd make a better criminal than any of them.
Boyle: Yeah, you would. You'd be an evil mastermind, and everyone would call you the handsome bandit.
Peralta: Thank you, Charles. And the best part is, none of you could catch me.
Capt. Holt: I'm fairly certain you would be caught. No, scratch that. I'm 100% sure you'd be caught.
Peralta: Ho, ho, ho! Alright, challenge accepted.
Capt. Holt: I didn't issue a challenge.
Peralta: Fine. I'll issue it for you. What's the most valuable thing in your office?
Capt. Holt: My medal of valor.
Peralta: God, you are such a hero. Alright, how about this? I will bet you that by midnight tonight, I can steal the medal of valor from your office.
Capt. Holt: Why would I possibly agree to that?
Peralta: Because if I lose, I'll work the next five weekends, no overtime. And I won't tell anyone here about the time I saw you wearing short shorts outside of work. But if I win--
Capt. Holt: You won't.
Peralta: You have to do all of my paperwork tonight - the busiest and spoooookiest night of the year. And you have to publicly state that I'm an amazing detective-slash-genius.
Capt. Holt: And this won't interfere with you doing your job?
Peralta: You mean my job as an amazing detective-slash-genius? No, it will not. I'll do all of my work - guaranteed.
Capt. Holt: I'm considering it. I'm interested. I agree to participate.
Peralta: Alright. There's the robot I fell in love with.

Diaz: Hey. Sister Steve here got mugged. Some guy dressed as the royal baby punched him and took his wallet.
Sister Steve: She keeps laughing at me.
Diaz: Can't tell you how many nuns I wanted to beat up in Catholic school. Ten.
Sgt. Jeffords: I didn't know you went to Catholic school.
Diaz: Good. You shouldn't know it.
Sgt. Jeffords: I get it. You're so mysterious and tough. But you know what I think? You're actually a big softy.
Sister Steve: No, I think she's really mean.
Sgt. Jeffords: You probably read a Maya Angelou poem at your graduation and cried.
Diaz: Didn't graduate. Had to leave.
Sgt. Jeffords: Why? What'd you do?
Diaz: Here's a hint. I'm not gonna tell you.
Sgt. Jeffords: Oh, I'm gonna find out anyway. I'm a detective. I will detect!

Gifs by brooklyn99gifs

Gina: I'm not gonna help you rob him, Jake. I'm his assistant, and I take that job incredibly seriously.
Peralta: You're literally making paper airplanes out of police reports right now. 
Gina: Well, how am I supposed to get it into that garbage can?

Gifs by enchantedadieu

Peralta: What does your skin taste like?
Gina: Dina Lohan. I'm wearing her face lotion.

Santiago: Why is this costume so stiff? And what is that smell?
Boyle: The department never washes them, so it's probably vomit. Hey! I got you a chocolate. Yet another great thing about Halloween - chocolate!
Santiago: Thanks. Oh, look. Raggedy Ann is drinking vodka right from the bottle. People think if they put on a costume, they can just get away with anything they want. Halloween is Christmas for jerks. Come on, ma'am. No open containers.
Raggedy Ann: Oh, and why should I listen to you, bone person?
Santiago: It's called a skeleton. It's a very common word.

Gifs by booasaur

Capt. Holt: Are you in my ceiling, Peralta?
Peralta: No.
Capt. Holt: So what's the plan? You wait for me to leave my office, lower yourself down, take my medal, and win the bet?
Peralta: Who are you talking to? There's no one up here.
Capt. Holt: Peralta, just so you know, right now, I am taking my medal off the wall and placing it in a locked safe whose combination is known only to me. [Brooklyn99Insider: How many of you spotted the sandwich in his safe?  ;D ] The safe, in turn, is locked in the cabinet. The only key to that cabinet is on my person. I'm off to my meeting. Good luck with your plan.
Peralta: You think that scares me? I laugh in the face of adversity! Are you still there? Captain, are you still there? I can't hear--Agh!

Santiago: We got egged. Some of the shell got in my contacts and my hair and my mouth and my bra.
Peralta: I can't tell if that's hot or not.
Santiago: Not hot. Eggshell in my bra is not hot.
Peralta: Well, it's kinda hot. Boobs go in a bra.

Gifs by samanthapanther

Peralta: Well, sounds like costume duty is going great.
Boyle: So great. We're having the best time, right, Amy?
Santiago: I wish I was dead.

Gifs by jeffbritta

Santiago: How's the unwinnable bet going?
Peralta: Well, on the one hand, I fell through the ceiling and onto a pencil, but on the other hand, I also badly bruised my brain.
Diaz: If you wanted to make a bet with Holt, you shoulda made a bet you could win. Like who wears more denim jackets.
Peralta: That was one time. You guys never forget anything. You know, frankly, I'm a little surprised you don't think I can win this thing. You're always telling me how I'm the best.

Gifs by jeffbritta

Peralta: Yeah, maybe it's just Charles.

Gif by jeffbritta

Sgt. Jeffords: Look, Jake, I love you like you're one of my daughters.

Peralta: Well, not this day, turn, time. Sorry, I'm pretty sure I had a concussion back there. Here I come. Ohhh, strong!

Gif by greenteaduck

Sister Steve: The baby who mugged me was pretty short. *Diaz snickers* You're not supposed to laugh at me.

Sgt. Jeffords: I still want to know why you got kicked out of Catholic school. Were you doing drugs?
Diaz: Worse.
Sgt. Jeffords: Selling drugs.
Diaz: Worse.
Sgt. Jeffords: How bad could it have been? Did you burn down a church?
Diaz: Number three, step forward and say the word "worse."
Royal Baby #3: Worse.

Capt. Holt: Nice costume, Peralta.
Peralta: No Peralta here. Just a normal janitor pushing trash around.
Capt. Holt: Come out of there.
Peralta: Captain, hey.
Capt. Holt: You really thought this was gonna work?
Peralta: Uh, it did work. This whole janitor gambit was designed to fail. It's just like in chess. Sometimes in order to win, you have to sacrifice your king.
Capt. Holt: That's exactly how you lose in chess. Have you ever played the game?
Peralta: Yeah, I used to play with my uncle Bob all the time, and he said I was great.

Capt. Holt: I expected better of you. You could have at least created a diversion to distract me from your terrible costume.
Peralta: Uh, I'm not a dumb butt. I had a diversion planned. There was just a slight timing issue. *trash can catches fire* Oh, my God! Get down, everyone! There's a big fire! Captain, you better head over there for, like, fifteen minutes and see what's going on with that. Beware of the backdraft. I'll be in your office. You have beautiful eyes.

[Brooklyn99Insider: How many of you have seen the movie Backdraft? It will always be special to me, because that was my very first R-rated movie. What was your first?]

Santiago: What is that? How is it hot and cold?

Gif by confidentialityspice

Peralta: Wait, stop scratching me. We're supposed to be a team. 
Capt. Holt: Ahem.
Peralta: Captain. Hi! I was just photocopying some stuff.
Capt. Holt: Are you trying to jam pigeons into my air-conditioning vent to flush me out of my office?
Peralta: Way to ruin the surprise.
Capt. Holt: How did you get those birds?
Peralta: By using my big, fat brain.

Peralta: Get in the bag, you damn bird. Eat the bread. Eat the bread! I gotcha! I gotcha!

Peralta: All part of my elaborate plan to defeat you.
Capt. Holt:  So far, you and your big, fat brain are losing - badly.
Peralta: Maybe, if we're talking about who's winning our bet. But if we're talking about who's holding more birds, I'm winning, four-nothing.
Capt. Holt: You're only holding two.
Peralta: Yeah.

Boyle: Ooh, when you were logging in the drugs, you missed some awesome stuff. Guy walked by in full astronaut costume, gave me a high five.
Hitchcock: He high-fived me too.
Boyle: Wait - Hitchcock?
Hitchcock: Darn it. I wasn't supposed to talk, but I got so excited about that astronaut.
Boyle: What's happening?
Hitchcock: Amy paid me 50 bucks to trade places with her for the rest of the night.
Boyle: Really?
Hitchcock: Yeah. I'm gonna use that money to buy two suits.

Gina: Awww. Why so down, little clown?
Peralta: I'm just sick of losing to Holt. I want that medal. 
Gina: It's not real gold. I tried selling it online. Zero bids. But here's some advice I gave to the girls in my dance troupe at the "Dance 'Til You Drop" tournament. That advice was - dance, dance, dance!
Peralta: Yeah, I'm not really sure that applies here, Gina.
Gina: It does apply. It means don't give up. We would've won if Natasha's water hadn't broken.
Peralta: Oh, Natasha had her baby?
Gina: You know Natasha?
Peralta: Yeah.
Gina: Yeah.
Both: Her dog has lupus.

Did you see the Floorgasm signs throughout the episode? "Bring Ear Plugs. We're gonna ROCK!"

Boyle: No, all the things that you think are bad about Halloween are what make it great. The big kids egg you. Then you and your friends run away together. Friendships are forged in the crucible of Halloween adversity. That's all I wanted for us.

Peralta: Will you stop catching me? Do you have any idea how much I spent on key chains?
Holt: Twenty-three dollars?
Peralta: Wow, that is unbelievably close - $22.76.
Holt: Keys.
Peralta: Okay, look. Tonight has been a little humiliating. Things are not going well, so I'm gonna just throw this out there. What do you say we call off the bet and pretend this whole thing never happened?
Capt. Holt: Oh, I'm not letting you off the hook.
Peralta: What? No. Pfft. I meant to give you an out, so you could save face.
Capt. Holt: This is getting sad.
Peralta: Yeah, for you.

Sgt. Jeffords: So. I called your school, and I managed to get a hold of one Sister Bernadette.
Diaz: I remember that old bag. She was my favorite.
Sgt. Jeffords: Well, guess what she said. Apparently, you were a model student and transferred of your own volition.
Diaz: Fine. The reason I left Catholic school was because I got into the American Ballet Academy. I was a classical dancer, and I was good.
Sgt. Jeffords: I knew it! I knew you were a big softy.
Diaz:  You tell anyone, I break your face.
Sgt. Jeffords: No, you won't. You're too sensitive.

Peralta: Captain. Welcome to the endgame. Would you care to shake the hand of the man who defeated you? Forgot I was wearing handcuffs. Ohh, that hurt. Oh-woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!

Gifs by enchantedadieu

Capt. Holt: Climbing the side of the building with a blowtorch. What were you thinking?
Peralta: I was thinking I had better core strength. I got winded, like, ten feet up.
Capt. Holt: I knew you wouldn't win the bet, but your performance tonight has made me question not only how good a detective you are, but, quite frankly, how smart you are.
Peralta: Well, that's not surprising. You constantly underestimate me.
Capt. Holt: No, you've been correctly estimated. You have five minutes until your deadline, and here you are, handcuffed to a table, in a locked room.
Peralta: Which is precisely where I planned on being. Captain, let me tell you a little story. You remember when I fell through your ceiling?
Capt. Holt: Yes, that was six hours ago.
Peralta: It was, I admit, a disastrous failure. But it gave me the idea for Herman, the friendly janitor you met. With Herman, I commenced the perfect crime.
Capt. Holt: I caught you as Herman.
Peralta: But you didn't catch Rosa. .... As it turns out, our friend Rosa is great at picking locks.
Capt. Holt: Does not surprise me.
Peralta: No, me neither. Of course, I had to find a way to get her out of your office without you seeing her, so I created a diversion. Not mistimed - perfectly timed so she could escape unseen.
Capt. Holt: What about the pigeons?
Peralta: Oh, the grey pigeons? They were a red herring. Thank you. Their only purpose was to draw you into the copy room while two members of my team broke into your locked office. So now I had a way into your office and an open cabinet. All that was left was for the royal babies to steal your keys.
Capt. Holt: Yes, but you didn't need the keys. The cabinet was already unlocked. You needed a way into the safe.
Peralta: And I got it. You were so concerned with getting your keys back, you didn't even notice the sergeant steal your phone. That's right, even the sergeant's on my side. I then had Charles dust your screen cover for prints. The greasiest smudges revealed the four numbers you use the most - the four numbers in your passcode. Based on your advanced age, I assumed that you use the same passcode for everything - your phone, your email, and, of course, your safe.
Capt. Holt: That would be a fair assumption.
Peralta: It was at that point that I bumped into a girl dressed as a sexy robot, and we got our flirt on - hard.
Capt. Holt: And how was flirting part of the plan?
Peralta: Oh, it wasn't. It just ruled. And that brings us to five minutes ago, when Amy came to your office and told you that I had been arrested. I knew she's the only one you would believe because, frankly, she's usually too lame to take part in these kinds of things. And as you walked over here, Charles awkwardly stuffed himself through your window and opened your safe. We had the four numbers of your code, which meant there were 24 possible combinations for Charles to try. That could take up to four minutes, which is why I really dragged out this explanation. I mean, really stretched it. I don't know if you noticed, but there were times where I was like, what am I even talking about? This isn't-- *calculator watch alarm goes off* Oh. But now, four minutes is up. Which means Boyle is either on the other side of that door holding your medal, or I've lost.
Boyle: Well, captain, it seems that Jake isn't the only person you underestima--
Peralta: Twenty seconds to spare. Game over, captain. Check me.
Capt. Holt: I think you mean "checkmate." You really need to learn how to play chess. How did you get everyone to help you?
Peralta: I appealed to their sense of teamwork and camaraderie with a rousing speech that would put Shakespeare to shame. *Scottish accent* For too long, we've been put down, ridiculed, made to wear ties! But no more! For today, we defeat him!

Capt. Holt: And that worked?
Peralta: No. No, no. Not at all. My speech did not inspire them. ... So I bribed them. I told them that if we pulled this off, I would do all of their paperwork. And since you're doing all my paperwork...
Capt. Holt: I'm impressed, Peralta. Well done.
Peralta: Thank you, sir.
Boyle: In fact, the thing that you failed to see, captain, teamwork, is exactly what provided our success...
Peralta: Captain? Sir? He's not coming back.

Santiago: You know how I think Halloween is for jerks? Well, this Halloween, I was the jerk. I'm sorry about tonight.
Peralta: "I'm Sorry About Tonight." We found the title for Santiago's follow-up sex tape.

Gifs by teresaslisbon

Boyle: I'm sorry I couldn't convince you to love Halloween.
Santiago: It's not your fault. I was terrible.
Peralta: "It's Not Your Fault I Was Terrible" is also one of your sex tapes. Ow.

Gifs by teresaslisbon

Santiago: Halloween is unbearable. But it was slightly less unbearable with you. Don't!
Peralta: Okay.

Gifs by teresaslisbon

Santiago: Anyway. We're all going to the bar, so get changed, 'cause you can't be the only one there not wearing a 'stume.
Boyle: 'Stume! Oh, my God. It caught on.
Everyone: No.

Peralta: Ah, Captain Holt. It is so nice to see you. Never thought I'd say that.
Capt. Holt: Hmm. A poor winner. I never would've guessed.
Peralta: Yeah, you would've. Way to go all out on your costume, by the way. I believe you have an announcement to make, so the floor is yours.
Capt. Holt: Attention, everyone. Jake Peralta is an amazing detective-slash-genius. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some paperwork to do.

Diaz: Officer in the 92nd got the royal baby mugger. He had 19 wallets in his diaper.
Hitchcock: We got a runner!
Perp: Waahhh!
Sgt. Jeffords: Damn!
Diaz: Oh, I didn't tell you. I got kicked out of ballet school for beating the crap out of ballerinas.

Gifs by gargoyles42

Hitchcock: It's a good thing we gave him a heads up.
Scully: Team effort. Go nine-nine.

Give others a heads up that the best of  Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Halloween is right here:

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

Episode Summary:

AIR DATE: Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 8:30/7:30C on FOX

WRITER: Lesley Arfin     DIRECTOR: Dean Holland

SUMMARY: It's Halloween night, a busy time of the year for any police precinct. Det. Santiago detests the holiday, and is not thrilled when she has to don a costume to go undercover on street patrol with Det. Boyle. Back at the precinct, Det. Peralta bets Captain Holt that he can steal his Medal of Valor before midnight, which results in him bringing out some costumes of his own.

GUEST CAST: John Ross Bowie (Barry Kripke on The Big Bang Theory) as Sister Steve; Jimmy Smagula as John Perpton; Oliver Carter as Young Charles

CAST: Andy Samberg as Det. Jake Peralta; Andre Braugher as Capt. Ray Holt; Terry Crews as Sgt. Terry Jeffords; Melissa Fumero as Det. Amy Santiago; Joe Lo Truglio as Det. Charles Boyle; Stephanie Beatriz as Det. Rosa Diaz; Chelsea Peretti as Administrator Gina Linetti

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