Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Rapid Fire Q&A with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl

This week we have a hole in our TV schedule; Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the Tuesday night lineup was bumped by the American Country Awards. You might feel a little lost and in need of laughs, so I’ve compiled the FOX Lounge Q&As that paired up cast members from Brooklyn Nine-Nine with the cast of New Girl. You might think that Fox already knew these shows would be pairing up for the post-Super Bowl spot and for the mid-season schedule next year. Anyway, on to the fun!

First up is Joe Lo Truglio (Det. Charles Boyle, Brooklyn99) and Max Greenfield (Schmidt, New Girl & Leo D'Amato in the Veronica Mars Movie – see the P.P.S. for more details). What was Joe’s childhood dream job? And FYI, he's not Joe Lo; it is first name Joe and last name Lo Truglio.

Max gives Joe a pep talk for first season jitters and then they flip the Q&A format on its head and spin like a milkshake.

Lamorne Morris (Winston, New Girl) brings a little TMI to the manscaping vs. au naturel question while Melissa Fumero (Det. Amy Santiago, Brooklyn99) looks for a few loop holes in her Q&A (and she loves puppies!).

Lamorne talks about his first job while Melissa translates for our younger viewers.

And here is my favorite pairing – Hannah Simone (Cece, New Girl) keeps Andre Braugher (Capt. Holt, Brooklyn99) in check while she also finagles a guest star for her show. Work it, lady!

You can just see the wheels turning when Hannah asks Andre to choose between manscaping and au naturel.

Terry Crews (Sgt. Terry Jeffords, Brooklyn99) is a man’s man, but would he choose camping or a hotel during his Q&A with Jake Johnson (Nick, New Girl)?

What was Andy Samberg’s (Det. Jake Peralta, Brooklyn99) first job and where does he stand on the manscaping/au naturel debate? Here are his answers, of which Zooey Deschanel (Jess, New Girl) may or may not approve.

Do you get the impression that as kids Andy and Zooey were always questioning authority?

What was your favorite pairing and more importantly, BK99ers - where do you stand on the air guitar vs. air drums debate?

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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P.P.S. If you don't know Veronica Mars (title character played by the wonderful, adorable Kristen Bell), then you have time to catch up on all three seasons (you will fly through them) before the movie premieres on March 14, 2014. I detect (ha-ha) you will love the show, the snark, Veronica, Logan, Weevil, Wallace, Sheriff Mars, Dick, Mac, etc. There is a reason why 90,000+ people backed this movie on Kickstarter (this Marshmallow included!).

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