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Super Bowl 2014 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Starting Lineup

Source: TVLine

It was really exciting when Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up for a full 22-episode season and received the coveted post-Super Bowl XLVIII spot with New Girl (details here). And bit-by-bit more news has been leaking about the most anticipated episode of the season. So here is everything we've learned so far including the guest star lineup, the first TV promo, and as you've seen above, the poster for the big day.

Episode Summary

Jake and Amy investigate a string of hotel robberies, and Jake is upset when he discovers Amy may leave the Nine-Nine to work with The Vulture in the Special Crimes unit. Meanwhile, Capt. Holt and Terry try to improve efficiency in the precinct.

Guest SUPER Stars

Cr: Greg Gayne/FOX

DEAN WINTERS (The Vulture)
We first met him in his self-titled episode "The Vulture," and now The Vulture aka Det. Pembroke is back! I'm so excited to see his return, but we know he doesn't have a chance in stealing Amy away from the Nine-Nine.

We first met Mlepnos ("the Klé is silent") in the Pilot. His cameo was delightful and left us all wishing for more. In December, it was confirmed that he will be reprising his role. We are in for a treat!

PATTON OSWALT (Fire Marshall Boone)
Fire Marshall Boone first graced the show in "Sal's Pizza," and we found him very competent at his job annoying Jake and Charles. Thanks to this exclusive clip at EW, we know that we can look forward to seeing him again in this episode! Although I think the real star in this clip is Mr. Terry Crews! [UPDATED 1/31/14]

Super Bowl-winning Joe Theismann will be portraying himself, and as it was reported last month, he will have a physical encounter with Jake. After "The Ebony Falcon," I'm seeing a theme of Jake getting beaten up. Maybe he needs to buy the show's writers some dinner?  ;D

Pic via @TerryCrews

Okay, FOX has yet to confirm Sandler's involvement in the episode, but reportedly an inside source leaked the news, and then Terry Crews shared this photo with the tweet "SANDMAN ON @BROOKLYN99FOX 4 SUPERBOWL!" Sandler has previously worked with Andy Samberg (That's My Boy, 2012) and Crews (The Longest Yard, 2005). Also Sandler and Crews will be sharing the big screen in the upcoming film Blended.

First Promo Video

And here's the first promo for "Operation: Broken Feather," our epic Super Bowl episode. [1/31/14 UPDATE: You can see the remaining promos at Sneak Peeks of Operation: Broken Feather."

Well, that's what I've got so far. Don't forget to tune in Sunday, Feb. 2 on FOX. And there will also be a new episode on Tuesday, Feb. 4; we finally get to meet Capt. Holt's husband! What a great week for television - don't forget to share it!

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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