Friday, May 16, 2014

Here We Go! Brooklyn Nine-Nine Moves to Sunday

This fall, FOX is moving Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Sundays. Are they giving up on our Golden Globe-winning, best new comedy already? Stay positive, Brooklyn99ers! Since American Dad is moving to TBS this fall, FOX is hoping that football and Bob's Burgers/Simpsons fans will provide Brooklyn99 with a boost in ratings. This schedule may seem unusual, but this worked for Married with Children, which lasted eleven seasons (ten of which aired on Sundays).

We don't have a premiere date yet, but this is how Sunday's schedule will look:

FOX's Sunday Night TV Schedule

7:00/6:00c - NFL on Fox

7:30/6:30c - Bob's Burgers

8:00/7:00c - The Simpsons

8:30/7:30c - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

9:00/8:00c - Family Guy

9:30/8:30c - Mulaney

The other new addition to the Sunday night line-up, Mulaney is a sitcom about John Mulaney's life as a stand-up comic. FYI - Mulaney and Bill Hader created the very popular Saturday Night Live character Stefon.

The real question is whether Brooklyn Nine-Nine will do better against this new competition. Let's take a look:

Sunday Night TV Showdown:
  • Sunday Night Football (NBC) - Clearly FOX believes football fans will also be fans of the show, so if you are watching the game on NBC, make sure you DVR/Hulu/ Brooklyn Nine-Nine within three days of airing. This helps the C3 ratings and keeps our show on the air!

  • Once Upon a Time (ABC) - This will be their fourth season, and though the spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, didn't last, this show seems to still be going strong. I don't follow Once anymore, but I'm guessing we have some crossover audience.

  • Madam Secretary (CBS) - This is a new show starring "a hot cup of Téa Leoni" as a newly appointed Secretary of State following her predecessor's questionable death. Now I'm not saying don't watch this show, but if you have to pick one...

In other news, you can already place a pre-order for Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 1 DVDs! With this cast, we are guaranteed hilarious outtakes and extras. The release date is still TBD.

-Brooklyn Nine-Nine Insider

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